Relentless. Resourceful. Reliable. Plastics Recruiting.

About Us

Recruiting Done Differently!

With over a decade in recruitment, we continue to live by our tagline of “Relentless. Resourceful. Reliable. Recruiting. We strive to find the best talent available for our clients so that they can grow and continue to hire from us because of their growth.

Structure: Our team is comprised of recruiters and researchers. Our researchers spend their days digging for “passive talent” those folks not out trolling the job boards, but rather those who have their heads down doing a great job for their employer. They identify the talent and then our skilled recruiters add them to their contacts to call and qualify for our clients’ openings. Working as a team, we are able to scale up and utilize 4-5 people on any given search if there’s an emergency need or retained search that needs attention.

Resources: We invest in a significant amount of training and resources that our research team and recruiters utilize to find the top talent available. We feel that our resources are second-to-none in the industry. Those resources coupled with the tenacity and motivation of our team makes for a formula for success.

Motivation: Our team shares in our success and everyone is paid a base salary plus a commission for each position filled. We all row in the same direction, seeking the best and the brightest, so that our clients hire that person and continue to grow, perpetuating the success.

HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT: This is a pretty long list, and the complete list can be seen here on our “reinventing recruiting” page. As a summary:

WE FILL OPENINGS, Fast! We seem to be faster than our clients in many cases.
BLEND OF OLD AND NEW: We blend old school hard-nosed recruiting with the latest in social media.
STRONG GUARANTEES: up to a year on a prorated basis*!
CREATIVE COVERSHEET : All of the critical information in one place, all the tough questions answered.
MORE SEARCH OPTIONS: We know that you want choices, so we offer 4 different search plans.
ROLE-PLAY SALES CALL.: We create our sales presentation and deliver it to you!
FORMAL WEEKLY UPDATES: We send you an update every Friday in writing.
FORMAL INTERVIEW DEBRIEF: sent to you in writing after each interview.

*See contract for warranty details.

PLASTICS MARKETS SERVED: Plastic Executive Recruiters Recruiting works in all areas of the Plastics Market, and we have clients in diverse industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Construction products, Consumer Products, Lawn and Garden, Heavy Equipment, Packaging, Textiles, and similar manufacturing. Common manufacturing processes include compounding, molding, extrusion (film, sheet, and profile), blow molding, thermoforming, vacuum-forming, rotational-molding, and other similar processes.

We work on all salaried positions, and common titles include:

VP and Director
Plant Manager
Operations Manager
Production Manager
Engineers (all types)
Tooling Mgmt, Eng.
CI/Lean/6 sigma
Quality department
Sales, Marketing
Scientist /Chemist
Information Technology