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Meet Our Team

Ed Keil

Ed Keil, President, MBA, CERS, CPC Head of Customer Development
Ed Keil is the founder, owner and President of Plastic Executive Recruiters. Ed has a BS in Entrepreneurship from Ball State University and a MBA from Indiana University. His certifications in the recruitment industry include Certified Employee Retention Specialist (CERS) and Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC).

Ed started these businesses in 2005 after spending over 10 years in business development and operations management in extrusion, molding, and durable goods manufacturing. Since starting this company over a decade ago, Ed has placed many hundreds of people with over 300 of the best companies in the US, representing a diverse array of industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Consumer Products, Medical Device, Packaging, Food, and other industries.

Ed’s background is unique in that he’s started a couple of plastics operations and been very involved in machinery and tool acquisition, hiring all level of employees, and involved in all aspects of operations. Though the business has evolved from a one-person company to a nearly 10-person company, the majority of Ed’s time is spent just as it has always been, working closely with key clients and recruiting outstanding talent for them.

Ed Keil can be reached at 260-233-0244

Justin Liedel

Justin Liedel, Search Consultant, Injection Molding, Plastics Sales
Justin is an Executive Recruiter who has been recruiting in the fields of Injection Molding and any plastics sales since 2009. Justin has a BA in Political Science from Purdue University and a background in sales, which he combines into a singular focus of finding the right talent for your company at the right time.

Justin focuses heavily on finding the best Engineering, Operations, Sales, and support talent for Plastics Molding companies. Justin believes that although industries change quickly, the way to identify and recruit top talent hasn’t changed at all – it takes industry knowledge, hundreds of phone calls, and a compelling opportunity. Justin’s energy and enthusiasm for his mission are evident in every step of the recruiting process, and make it clear why Justin consistently delivers the right talent when others could not.

Justin Liedel can be reached at 260-338-4551 or

Tim Ulrey

Timothy Ulrey, Search Consultant, Films and Packaging

Tim is a plastics manufacturing recruiter, with over 4 years experience specializing in extruded films and packaging solutions.   Tim has BA Degrees in Spanish and Secondary Education. His career prior to recruitment included Sales in the Insurance industry and some time in Hospitality.

Tim strives to go beyond the normal recruitment process and seeks to understand the company culture, conduct client and candidate needs analyses, provide detailed candidate skills assessments, and clearly display any potential obstacles in efforts to provide a smooth hiring process.   Tim has a passion for both speed and accuracy and strives to offer his clients the best service possible.

Tim can be reached at

Justin Ortiz

Justin Ortiz, Executive Recruiter

Justin is an Executive recruiter with over six years of experience in both retained and contingent searches. Justin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Indiana University Northwest. His experience includes a wide variety of industries including automotive, consumer products, energy, retail, accounting, manufacturing, healthcare, leisure, among many others. Relationship building is the key to Justin’s success, ultimately leading to a lasting relationship with both his clients and candidates.

Justin genuinely enjoys helping people and finds recruiting to be very rewarding. Justin takes pride in finding the right candidate for his clients, using a tireless work ethic combined with the ability to ask the right questions and really get to know his clients. His high energy level and experience in recruiting have allowed him to continually provide lasting value to the clients that he works with.

Justin Ortiz can be reached at

Dan McLellan

Dan McLellan, Search Consultant: Automation & Capital Equipment
Dan is a Search Consultant in the industrial automation and machinery market. Dan has a BS in Business Administration & Marketing from Indiana University in Fort Wayne. His previous work history includes executive-level management of sales, marketing, distribution, customer service and technical support departments.

During a career that has spanned over two decades, Dan has held numerous roles in manufacturing and publishing environments where key components of the job included hiring, training as well as staff and career development. He has worked side by side with some of the world’s largest companies, identifying challenges and opportunities while collaborating on solid, satisfying solutions. His relationship building skills, strategic mindset and passion for helping others achieve success results in a winning formula for our clients.

Dan can be reached at 260-227-7547 or

Joe Parrot

Joe Parrot, Search Consultant: Compounding, Color Concentrates, Masterbatches
Joe is an plastics-industry search consultant with a BA in Human Resource Management from Western Michigan University. Joe has been recruiting professionals for his entire career. He is familiar with every aspect of business management from start-up to scale-out of a manufacturing operation. Joe feels that the key to finding that right person is through networking, referrals, and finding those hard-to-find people who are not actively looking for a new job.

Joe truly enjoys the challenge and reward that comes with finding the right person for the job. Joe believes in going beyond the standard recruitment process to try and understand his client’s industry and business culture. This deeper understanding of his client’s business assists him in sourcing the best candidates. Joe truly enjoys helping people and this drives his recruiting efforts. His management experience and relationship building skills help him develop partnerships with his clients that produce results.

Joe can be reached at 260-227-7546 or

Michelle Keil

Michelle Keil, Office Manager
Michelle has been Office Manager for 8 years and has a Degree from International Business College in Administration. Her experience prior to joining our companies included internal recruitment and HR in the Automotive industry and over 12 years of Business Administration in Insurance, Construction and Manufacturing.

Michelle wears many hats as office manager, with a primary role of making sure all of our business details are taken care of in terms of Accounting (AP/AR, Reports, Payroll), documentation on candidate progress and client contracts, and she plays a very key role in researching prospective clients and candidates.

Michelle can be reached at 800-690-3280 or

Our recruitment team is supported by a staff of researchers who spend their days digging and mining for talent. Their goal is to find the “hard-to-find” folks who have their heads down, working away at great companies and not out there looking at job boards. Our research team has been trained in advanced Boolean search and have the best resources available to identify present employees at world-class operations. They have a great record of assisting our recruiters in identifying who should be called and recruited and are an invaluable part of our team.